The Famished Road

Azaro is a spirit child who is born only to live for a short while before returning to the idyllic world of his spirit companions. Now he has chosen to stay in the world of the living. This is his story.

What the critics say

Overwhelming – just buy it for its beauty – New Statesman

A brilliant read, unlike anything you have ever read before…the message is universal – The Times

It is a rich, provocative and hopeful vision of the world, stuffed full of drama and surprise-its literary lineage – the ease with which spirits move through every day life – is from ancient Greece and medieval romances – Independent

Okri is incapable of writing a boring sentence. As one startling image follows the next, The Famished Road begins to read like an epic poem that happens to touch down just this side of prose… When I finished the book and went outside, it was as if all the trees of South London had angels sitting in them – Linda Grant, Independent on Sunday

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One response to “The Famished Road

  1. Read the book +/- 13 years ago and need reread it soon, It had a big impact on me.

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